About Mariposa

Mariposa is a private organisation whose aim is to reconsider how our lives have reflected on today’s global environment and social environment, and to create new architecture of our lives that is fulfilled with happiness in the real sense. Mariposa will attempt spreading more happy lives through new social×business models which are led by important methods and aspects of our lives such as agriculture, community revitalisation, preservation of Satoyama and so on.

Mariposa means Butterfly in Spanish.
Like the butterfly effect (One flap of the butterfly’s wing cross the seas and mountains before long. It makes a hard storm…), even though our action is small and not so effective at first, we believe that putting our faith and enthusiasm into our action, it will eventually influence at global scale.

The Mariposa logo has been finally done. The butterfly wings are composed of two 8s and can be drawn in one stroke. It symbolises infinite and sustainable. The gears in one of the wings symbolise knowledge and mechanism that are to coexist well with the earth and to make the world better place.

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