The vision of Mariposa
The vision of what Mariposa thinks it will be is composed of the keyword;

R. [Revolution]
Like the butterfly effect (One flap of the butterfly’s wing cross the seas and mountains before long. It makes a hard storm…), even though our action is small and not so effective at first, we think that putting our faith and enthusiasm into our action, it will eventually influence at global scale.

E. [Ecology]
We will always be environmentally friendly.

V. [Vision]
We will try to have a foresight to see one step ahead, adjusting to a change in social and economic situations.

O. [Originality]
We will always have an originality to come up with a new cool idea, making full use of the strength and characteristics of local communities.

L. [Laughter]
We think that laughter can relieve your stress and can lead us to a stress-free society.

U. [Utility]
We will try to create things that are effective and can be used practically.

T. [Transformation]
We will transform such ideas that are tied to stereotypes of society into new creative possibilities and make actions.

I. [Innovation]
We will try to develop new values through solutions that meet new needs.

O. [Opportunity]
We do everything and meet anyone as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

N. [Nature]
We will always keep in mind that we are a part of the nature.


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